Terms and conditions

Invoque events registered office in Richmond, Victoria 3121 has prepared these terms and conditions, for the benefit of the parties. For reference to this document “our”, “we” and “us are referring to Invoque events. If you do not understand any part of these terms, please email info@invoqueevents.com.


·  You agree that email, SMS and all other forms of electronic communications with you will apply with the terms and conditions on our website. A link to our website is visible in the email signatures.


To be eligible to purchase our services from this website you must be:

·  Over the ages of 18

·  Able to enter into a binding contract (legally)

·  Provide a secure venue (if providing a venue) for the entertainer to attend. We reserve the right to refuse our entertainers/acts/staff access to venues on personal safety grounds and suitability of the venue arranged by you. The safety of our entertainers is paramount and it is the client’s responsibility to confirm that the venue chosen is suitable. Venues we deem unsuitable will result in the cancellation of booking but the client is still liable for the outstanding balance


·  The prices of the services are all in Australian dollar $ unless stated otherwise

·  The prices on our website may not include travel costs or agency fees

·  We reserve the right to change prices at any given time prior to booking.

·  Price changes (increase or decrease) can be due to many factors such as agency fees, cancellations, travel costs, materials and more.

·  Once booked we will not change the price, unless there is a cancellation or error.


A deposit is always required for all services.

·        You will be sent an itemised invoice with the total amount owing and deposit amount. The booking of event services other than entertainers requires a 50% deposit and the remainder paid before the event date. 

·         Payment information will appear on the bottom and include bank transfer, direct deposit and the Beem it app. Once payments are processed we will then send you a confirmation email to confirm your payment.

·  Our payments processing options are quick, easy and very secure.

·  Your card issuer may carry out precaution security checks at the time of payment

·  Outstanding balances can be paid in cash direct to entertainers or invoque staff, however a deposit is always required.

·  You can choose the option to pay the remaining balance in cash on the night (for entertainers) or via the payments options provided just above (you will need to inform us of this clearly).

·  All payments are a legally binding contract with us, therefore you are accepting the terms of our website.

·  You are obligated to pay the remaining balance as agreed on the day of your event. Any payments not paid or overdue will be classed as a debt and will be passed down to the debt collectors.


·  You are responsible for ensuring all information provided is accurate during the booking process.

·  The client must provide a contact number to the agency and entertainer to contact on the day of the event. You must be available at all times during the day unless stated otherwise.

·  We do not send acts/performers/staff to events without prior contact of the event on the booking date. Our entertainers/staff will attempt to contact you by telephone several times on the day.

·  Should an event not take place because the agency or the artiste/staff/performer could not contact the client, lack of information, or due to wrong information provided, or cancelled your deposit fee is forfeited and any outstanding balance you will be still liable for.

·  Please note: A contract applies between you and us (abiding by the terms of this document) only when we have received any form of payment.

·  All pictures and information provided on the website or email is only an indication of what to expect, but the agency will do its best to fulfil your requirements, this includes your selection of entertainer/performer/event services. This includes outfits.

·     If you require any entertainer to perform for the same sex/gender especially regarding strip shows please speak with booking team and make this clear prior booking

·  We cannot accept responsibility if the entertainer does not carry out the performance in a manner that is satisfactory.

·  Any additional agreement made between the act and client, the client must inform the agency. If the client fails to inform the agency, the agency is not liable for those agreed terms.

·      Please note when booking sometimes entertainers/acts may need to change the time by 30 mins either way (Before or prior the scheduled time).This is mandatory flexibility, due to travel/weather conditions, but not limited to these reasons.

Changes after Booking Confirmation

·  Changes by client: If the client wants to change their event details, a charge of $50 may occur. Subject to availability.

·  Changes by agency: Highly unlikely we will need to change your booking arrangements. Occasionally we have to make minor changes but we will advise you straight away.


·  If we are no longer able to provide the service you booked for our own errors or reasons and we contact you prior the event date, you can have option A) alternative service (Once you accept your alternative service via email, phone or SMS you are entering into a new agreed arrangement, all terms and conditions will be applied). Or option B) Refund.

·  Refunds will be made or credited the same way it was paid.


To make a complaint please send us an email, stating your points of concern. All complaints must be received within 48 hours after the event. All complaints, issues or anything regarding the event must be made within 48 hours after the event. Failure to put your complaint in after 48 hours will result in us not being able to assist you with your complaint.

Our Entertainers

·  All our entertainers/staff/performers are self-employed

·  The entertainer is not employed by the agent; therefore, they are responsible for their own accounting: payment of tax and insurance.

·  The agent is not responsible for the client paying the wrong fees to the performer. If the client is unsure of the fees to be paid they should contact the booking agent. Fees paid may not be recovered.

Our liability

·  We are not held responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expense, cost or other claim of any description whatsoever which results from: – the act(s) and/or omission(s) of any person(s) affected or any member(s) of their party or the act(s) and/or omission(s) of a third party not connected with the provision the act(s) and/or omission(s) of a third party not connected with the provision of your arrangements and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable or ‘force majeure’

·  We limit the amount we may have to pay you for any claims you may make against us, by the amount you have paid us.

·  We do not accept liability for any damages, loss of expense or other sum(s) of any description, which is based on the information provided when booked, as we could not have foreseen you would suffer or incur if we breached our contract with you. We also do not accept liability for any business losses.